Brancho Plex



Brancho Plex


Each 5ml. Contains

Mentha Piperita Q (H.P.I) 0.10ml.

Ocimum Sanctum Q (H.P.I) 0.10ml.

Zingiber Officinalis Q (H.P.I) 0.08ml.

Justicia Adhatoda Q (H.P.I) 0.08ml.

Drosera Rotundifolia Q (H.P.I) 0.05ml.

Ipecacuanah Q (H.P.I) 0.10ml.

Bryonia Alba Q (H.P.I) 0.10ml.

Belladonna Q (H.P.I) 0.10ml.

Ferrum Phosphoricum 1x   0.50mg.

Kali Muriaticum 1x   0.50mg.

Pulsatilla Nigricans Q (H.P.I) 0.10ml.

Syrup   0.5ml.

Flavour (Pharmaceutical Grade)

Mixed Fruit-S 1038   0.001ml.

Caramel Colour   0.002ml

Purified Water   Q.S.

Alcohol Content   11.5% v/v.


This Homoeo Combination can be used safely in all kind of chronic and acute asthma, whooping cough, Bronchitis, Frightful spasm, spasmodic disponsea and suffocative spasm with great constriction at chest, catarrhal allergy etc.

Manufactured by

Power Drug Laboratory


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