Allen Sonny – Baby massage oil

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A unique Homoeo formula enriched with natural vitamins E, A & D of olive oil, coconut oil, cod liver oil & sesame oil for gentle massage round the year. It nourishes baby’s delicate skin and provides softness smoothness of the skin, prevents frequent attacks of cough & cold. Promotes healthy growth.

Allen Sonny baby oil


Each 5ml contains –

Azadirachta Indica Q – 0.002 ml HPI

Ocimum sanctum Q – 0.002 ml HPI

Curcuma longa Q – 0.002 ml HPI

Calendula offi Q – 0.002 ml HPI

Berberis Aquifolium Q – 0.002 ml HPI

Oleum santali Q – 0.005 ml HPI

Oleum jacoris aselli Q – 0.001 ml GHP

Olive oil – 0.050 ml HPI

Coconut oil – 0.050 ml HPI

Sesame oil – 0.17 ml HPI

Light paraffin q.s I.P

Alcohol content – 0.2% v/v

Manufactured by

Allen Laboratories Ltd.

1 review for Allen Sonny – Baby massage oil

  1. Padmini Kar

    Good service & Same product I received what it is showing online.

    Thanks Pahari homeo pharmacy

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