HPL’s Arnica hair oil

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It is an active herbal homoeopathic combination which helps to prevents hair falling and helps to keep soft and silky. It also helps to grow new hair and removes dandruffs and dryness of the scalp.

HPL’s Arnica hair oil


Arnica Montana Q HPI 0.100ml

Aloe Soc Q HPI 0.025ml

Ceanothus Americanus HPI 0.050ml

Embelica Officinalis Q HPI 0.025ml

Echinacea Angustifolium Q HPI 0.025ml

Sabadilla Q HPI 0.025ml

Staphysagria HPI 0.025ml

Olive Oil Q HPI 0.20ml

Light Liquid Paraffin to 5 ml.

Alcohol Content 3.47% v/v

Manufactured by

Hahnemann Pharmacy & Laboratory

1 review for HPL’s Arnica hair oil

  1. Nabendu Naskar

    Its a genuine and very good product. I am totally satisfied with it.

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