Calsivita – 500ml

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Calsivita is advised for Spinal weakness, Bone fracture, Ricket, Dental carries, Pregnancy, Haemorrhages, Painful dentination, Skin diseases.


Recommended in all conditions requiring calcium supplement. Tones up entire system. Acclerates callus formation. Revives physical capacity and raises the threshold of fatiguability.


Each 5 ml. Contains

Calc. Phos. 3x – 50 mg.

Calc. Fluor. 3x – 50 mg.

Calc. Lac. 3x – 45 mg.

Calc. Ost. 3x – 45 mg.

Calc. Hypo. – 50 mg.

Alfalfa Q – 0.1 ml.

Emblica Officinalls Q – 0.1 ml.

Withania Somnifera Q – 0.2 ml.

Symphytum Officinalls Q – 0.2 ml.

Alcohol Contents – 11%

Syrup flavoured – q.s.


Adult: 2 teaspoonful

Child: 1 teaspoonful 3 to 4 times a day before meals or as directed by the physician.

Manufactured by

Hapro Homeo-Chem (P) Ltd.


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