Gastrin Syrup

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Allen’s Gastrin Syrup is being used for treatment of hyperacidity. It is useful in treatment of acid peptic disorder.

Quantity : 450 ml

Gastrin Syrup


Alumina 1x

Natrum phos 3x

Magnesium phos 3x

Kali phos 3x

Natrum sulph 3x

Bismuth subnitrate 3x

Carbo veg 3x

Lycopodium 3x

China off 3x

Thymolum 1x

Mentha pip Q


Hyperacidity, heartburn, flatulence, acid reflux, nausea, vomiting, headache, constipations.


Adult : 10 ml twice a day after meal.

Children : 5 ml twice a day after meal.

Manufactured by

Allen Laboratories Ltd.


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