Brain motto

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Brain motto – brain tonic


Useful as a tonic in case of depression. Profound melancholy, nervous exhaustion, absent mindedness, forgetfulness, lack of confidence in himself & others, fear of examinations in students, brain-fag, inability to keep mind on any one subject, restlessness, anxious dreams, weakening of all senses, vertigo, a light sleep or sleeplessness due to worries, anxieties & overwork. Weak digestion etc.


Each 5 ml. Contains:

Acidum Phosphoricum Q 0.05 ml. HPI

Anacardium Orientale Q 0.15 ml. HPI

Alfalfa Q 0.10 ml. HPI

Avena Sativa Q 0.10 ml. HPI

Withania Somnifera Q 0.10 ml. HPI

Lycopodium Q 0.10 ml. HPI

Melilotus Officinalis Q 0.10 ml. HPI

Passiflora Incarnata Q 0.10 ml. HPI

Phosphorus Q 0.10 ml. HPI

Syrup Q.S. HPI

Colour Caramel Q.S.

Purified Water to 5 ml. HPI

Alcohol Content – 11.60% v/v.


2 to 3 tea spoonful with water 2 to 3 times daily or as directed by the physician.

Manufactured by

Hahnemann Pharmacy & Laboratory Unit II (HPL)


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